“Snow Signs,” in Guernica (March 2016)

“The Great Beyond, The Great Hereafter,” in Web Conjunctions (January 2014)

“Vishnu Floating on the Cosmic Ocean,” in Hunger Mountain (2012, Pushcart Nominee)

“Secrets of a Professional Mentalist,” in Verbal Pyrotechnics (2011)

“Get Your Head out of that Oven,” in The Splinter Generation (2008)



“Clandestine Supermarket Lobster Liberation,” in The Open Bar (April 2015)

“Lost & Found: Louise Fitzhugh’s The Long Secret,” in Tin House (March 2015)

“What We Talk About When We Talk About Rot,” in PEN (May 2014)

“Signifying Nothing: An Exploration of Ethan Hawke’s Macbeth,” in The Open Bar (December 2013)

“Lost & Found: Rosmarie Waldrop’s A Form/Of Taking/It All,” in Tin House (September 2013)

“The Art of the Sentence: George Saunders,” in The Open Bar (March 2013)

Mad Girl’s Love Song review in Bookforum (February 2013)

“The Life and Afterlife of Sylvia Plath” reading list in Bookforum (February 2013)

“Touching and Melting, Nowhere: Sylvia Plath’s ‘The Night Dances,'” in The Open Bar (November 2012)

“The Black Amnesias of Heaven: The God-Obsessed Atheist and the Subjects of Confession,” paper given at the 2012 Sylvia Plath Symposium in Bloomington, Indiana (October 2012)

“Immortal Popsicle: A Tale of DIY Cryonics,” in The Story Collider (October 2012)

“I Was Schrodinger’s Cat,” in The Story Collider (July 2012)

Swamplandia! review for Hot Metal Bridge (March 2011)

“A Self to Recover, a Queen: The Subjects of Poesis in Sylvia Plath’s Ariel, Wesleyan senior thesis (April 2008)



“The Soul of a Naturalist: An Interview with Sy Montgomery,” in Tin House Online (October 2017)

“Looking Shapes the Woman: An Interview with Mona Awad,” in The Open Bar (March 2016)

“Ordinary Redemption,” an interview with Louise Erdrich, in Tin House (March 2016)

“In the Eye of the Storm: An Interview with Rene Steinke,” in The Open Bar (October 2014)

“Bread and Butter: An Interview with Michelle Wildgen,” in The Inquisitive Eater (March 2014)

“Morbid Festivity: An Interview with Jerry Stahl,” in The Open Bar (February 2014)

“The Principles of Shapeshifting: An Interview with CJ Hauser,” in The Open Bar (November 2012)

“Interview with Rachel Vail,” in Verbal Pyrotechnics (October 2012)

“Anna Lindemann on Storytelling and Science,” in The Open Bar  (May 2012)


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